What does it mean to be happy?

If you sat down, right now, and compiled a list of things that makes you happy—what would that list look like? What would make the cut? I can imagine that most people would put down something like “family”, “friends”, “chipotle” (Ok, maybe that’s just me) or things like that. Each item written, would most likely have critical value to your everyday life. Things that you could not be without. (Or maybe even things that couldn’t be without you.)

To a child, happiness could mean playing on the playground or scribbling on furniture. To a parent it could mean just doing nothing at the end of the day with their spouse. See where we are going with this? Happiness can look like many things, and it can look like nothing.

So now what if I asked you, after you had finished, to write a similar list but this time writing what makes you unhappy? I know for me that list may be a tad bit longer. But why? As we go about our days we find plenty of things to be upset about. Not only that, but sometimes it even seems like there is WAY more things that can bring us down, than there are things to encourage us. 

But is that really how it is? What if happiness came from within, a natural desire to be happy in spite what was going on around you. Seeing the good, seeing the bad, and choosing happiness. It sounds easier than it is sometimes, but I can tell you this after you’ve chosen it once—it begins to choose you. And that is a beautiful thing.

Challenge yourself to pick happiness over all the troubles of your day, week, or even life and see what a difference it can make.

God Bless,
Gabriel Gibilisco,





You still have two strikes left.

•Take the hits, and keep moving forward.

•Pull strength from those that need you.

•Wear the scars like a badge of honor.

•Don’t you dare quit–it’s not over.



Be Kind. Be Light. Be Love.

Food for thought:

Be Kind.

Regardless of circumstance, proving that there is good in the world–one person at a time.

Be Light.

Shining through the darkness, a beacon of hope lighting the way for a better tomorrow.

Be Love.

Loving on the unlovable. Going out of your way to show concern, and acting on it. Love lasts, be it.

God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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Finding what inspires you.

What inspires you? Or better yet, who do you draw inspiration from?

This past week, I had the privilege to meet one of my top musical inspirations, “for King & Country”. Some of you may remember my article from awhile back entitled “Love is ____.” where I used a lyric from one of there songs as an example! (And if you don’t, the link below will take you to “Love is ____.”)



Myself with Joel Smallbone of, “for King & Country”.

Getting the opportunity to meet somebody that truly inspires me, has seriously (wait for it) inspired me. It has opened up my mind to a whole new perspective about the subject itself. But above all, it has got me thinking…

How often are we inspired by the things around us and not even realize it?

I have been trying my very hardest recently to notice the things that make me want to be better whether it’s people, situations, or pure happenstance itself. Furthermore, I have made it a point to tell those who inspire me, the impact they have had. And that’s exactly what I told to Joel. (His response was extremely encouraging but I’ll save that for another post.)

I have found in my own personal life, when somebody blesses me by saying that I have “inspired” them, it actually inspires me! It pushes me to do more and to be more.

Let’s start this trend of being honest with those who have inspired you and watch this cycle continue to enrich our communities with the potential to be better. 


Once you have done this, leave a comment below or on our social media telling what difference it has made!

God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco




Happy 4th of July! 

Let me begin by expressing how awesome it is that “The Writer’s Blog” has been read in 50 countries worldwide. So extremely thankful for all of you!

Today, all 50 states celebrate the liberties that we have as a nation. Freedoms that are priceless–and for some, unobtainable. 

Remember to acknowledge those who gave it all, so we may sit in our homes with the ones we love today. 

But whether you are free or not today, do not be mislead. Strive for freedom that lives inside you, the tangible, wholesome, and life changing power that comes from above. Only then can true freedom be celebrated.

God bless you today as we celebrate the 4th of July, and God bless The United States of America.

Gabriel Gibilisco

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Special thanks to Vanessa Barnes for the awesome photo!

Write love on the sky.

I am sure that most of us by this point have heard about, or are at least are familiar with, the shootings that happened in Charleston. If not, this past week nine people were killed during a bible study in a baptist church due to a man’s hatred for another race. 

Reports say that the man was attempting to start a wide spread “race riot”. One person spoke out in reply to the man’s prior comment, “[He] has failed miserably. We all grieve together tonight.”

If there is one thing that Charleston, South Carolina has taught us it’s how to love…even when it looks hopeless. The victims that night took in a clearly broken man into their quarters and welcomed him fully unaware of his intentions. And now, in the aftermath, we see a town who is choosing to love during a seemingly unlovable situation. Charleston has used love to unify their town that is shaken to its core. What an example they have set for all of us.

Let me ask you…

What would the world look like, if everyone in it behaved just like you?

Would it be filled with “happiness”? How about “compassion”? Could that society even exist?

If I’m being honest, a world with 7 billion me’s would look like an overly critical society. One that would be concerned about the future and less about the “now”. And would be filled with corny puns. (And tons of Chiptole. But regardless…you see what I’m getting at.)

I think it’s important to remember that you have incredible power in our society. What you do, matters. Do you know how I know that?

If a man who can kill 9 innocent people in cold blood (act of hate) and the result is the unity of an entire town, how much more can be done by the way you choose to love?
God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco
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Being friendly.

Yesterday I was able to meet a younger gentleman named Phillip. I had spotted him out of my peripheral vision as I sat during a baby dedication ceremony and noticed that in a room FULL of aquintances and friends–I didn’t recognize this particular man. I told myself after the service I would go over and introduce myself…so, I did.

Walking over I dawned the friendliest face I could in spite being slightly apprehensive and said “Hello”. It turns out that he is from SoCal! (That means Southern California for those not familiar with the “fancy” west coast lingo.) We chatted briefly and he told me how he is in the military, played soccer for 9 years, and is over here on the east coast now.

A few moments of what I’ve considered calling “random kindness” from both parties has given me a priceless gift–a new friend. 

See, Phillip and I don’t know a single fact about each other outside of our names and the simple small talk we dabbled in. But that isn’t the point. What’s important is that a NEW personality, heart, and soul has now been brought into my life. And, from what I could gather, a good one at that!

I can’t say I know what kind of impact I had on him yesterday, but I know that if I had 1/10 the impact he had on me and the new perspective I’ve gained on being a friend, then I’d be satisfied. 

One of the most rewarding and under utilized blessings of life is meeting new people.

I challenge you this week, go out of your way to meet someone new. You’d be surprised how quickly small talk can turn into something bigger.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco


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