The difference between “Making an Impact” and “Leaving and Impact”.

Making an Impact vs. Leaving an Impact

Can you really tell the difference between the two? Is there even a difference? If so, what is it?

As an avid writer and musician, my writing recreationally often bleeds into the work I do as a songwriter. Fortunately for me, I am able to pull from both spectrums as long as I can put it to a tune. This is what I love. However, no matter how many times a compose a tune, or hum a melody, the result is the same. I come away from the writing experience a different person.

A year or two ago, when I was in a band, I was asked during an interview what my favorite part of performing was. I didn’t even have to think about it. I replied with, “I love the instant connection that you have with complete strangers all because of something that stands in the gap.” In this case it was music but in many cases it’s the imprints you leave on someone.

Looking back at my own life I see the moments that shaped me into who I am today…those moments left me impacted. Not only did the heroes in my life change me then, but they are still changing me now with the words they spoke over me and the lessons they taught me. It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are. Take what’s placed on your heart and use it to impact people so that, in turn, they may do they same for others. Ultimately that is the focus of this blog because true leaders don’t generate followers, they make other followers into leaders. Think about that and try it out sometime! I promise you–you’ll be thankful that you did. 

 God Bless, 

Gabriel Gibilisco

@GabeGibilisco @TheWritersBlogg


4 thoughts on “The difference between “Making an Impact” and “Leaving and Impact”.

  1. True leaders don’t walk at the front, expecting others to follow them. They talk the talk – others walk the walk. They stand at the back, and make sure their followers make it through. I never saw myself a capable leader, but you just changed that. Thanks


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