Traveling to new heights.

Today I leave for Pennsylvania and New York. Weeks of preparation and planning come down to the anticipation of finally achieving what I’ve planned for so long! Best part is, when I return I’ll be packing again to catch a plane to somewhere new…

As I pack my suitcase, I start to think about how important it was for me to make things happen before I could go. I’ve found that the same thing is true for when you attempt to rise to new heights whether it’s a new job, a hobby, or maybe a lifelong dream.

Because originally, leaving for a week on the east coast then another week immediately after in a place completely different was once just that…only a dream. However, a plan was set and a goal was arranged and weeks later the dream I set became the reality I live because of the preparation and action that I took to prepare for it.

It doesn’t really matter what you want, make a plan and go get it. Ultimately, it comes down to how you prepare…So don’t be the one who has never stretched their wings when the moment comes for you to travel to new heights.

And before you know it, you’ll be right where you’ve always wanted to be…

God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


28 thoughts on “Traveling to new heights.

  1. If you have the means to travel now, no definite responsibilities to be left behind, or a supportivw girlfriend, do it. Because someday its gonna get more complicated. The younger you are the better. It will give you a very different perspective. Its the same perspective retired senior citizens get when they start to travel. The only difference is that you’ll reap its benefits longer than they have in their remaining time.


    • You are exactly right. I’m trying to take advantage of it now and I think people my age should too. It really opens up your mind to different cultures etc!


  2. So don’t be the one who has never stretched their wings when the moment comes for you to travel to new heights.

    These are great words. Where I live, it seems that a lot of young people have given up their dreams and this is quite sad.
    While my friends have bought a car, I’ve spent my money on travel and I don’t regret this decision. Travel is one of the best things you can buy.


    • I completely 100% agree with you. I see my friends from HS all the time and I ask them about how their dreams are progressing and 90% of them say that they gave up. It’s disheartening…on the other hand, I agree to travel as much as possible. Great minds think alike:)

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  3. It seems that I’ve always been the one forced to fly, by getting kicked out of the nest. I never really plan, prepare or decide on something. I just get dropped into things and get forced to sink or swim. Luckily, I’m a pretty decent swimmer.


  4. You were right – you are also following your dreams! Love your writing, and I hope you have an amazing time in Orlando. My parents definitely encouraged us to go, so I have the travel bug in me also. Enjoy your travels – you worked hard for them!


  5. True, also, may I add – sometimes it is through the preparation that you’d realise some dreams aren’t really ones we want to pursue. Perhaps, striving (to achieve a particular dream) is the first step to uncovering a greater reality of things, what we truly want to do


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