Trying something new.

Perhaps one of the most relevant ideas I personally am facing. Whatever it is that you are interested in that seems way out of your box…do it.

A few months back, I listened to an audio recording from a child actor who gave up acting to pursue a rather unpopular, and frankly bad paying job. The whole tone of the file was to explain why he decided to leave something he was so good at. His answer still rings in my mind to this day…

He said,

Once you do something for so long, you start to get so comfortable with it that you stop growing in it.

That idea scared me! Never do I want to be in a box where I feel “comfortable”. The real fight is overcoming the fear of trying, or perhaps, the fear of failing. But that’s all part of growing. You see, even failing, is growing!

I urge you, to try that thing that will get you uncomfortable. Once you realize that your box is too small, you begin to see how much better you are without it.

God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


2 thoughts on “Trying something new.

  1. I needed this, today. I’m much too apathetic, like many of my peers. To be honest, challenges and learning new things excite me more than anything else, but I lack motivation.

    I went to school to write. People kept telling me I need to write because I was good at it. I wasn’t satisfied with being just “good.” I was forced to write for four years. I lost my passion. Only recently I began writing again. I’m honoured you took time to read my blog, and appreciate the feedback.

    I enjoy your style of writing: motivational.


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