Connecting the past to the future.

It’s too hard trying not to live in the past while focusing on the future. Ironically, the same goes for when we stay in the past for too long, and completely miss what the future has for us. Why is that? Why can’t we have both? We can. 

I am delightfully intrigued when I hear someone’s individual testimony. What they’ve been through, why they went through it, and most importantly how they learned from it. For those who know me personally, they will tell you that I never feel like I’m wasting my time, regardless of what I am doing. This mentality has saved me a lot of countless hours wondering why things are the way that they are. I am thankful that this mindset is preparing me for my future…but it could not exist if it wasn’t for my past. 

You see, I was introduced to a difficult position personally a while back and a friend of mine asked me what the lesson was that I had learned in that specific situation. I replied this way, “I have learned that there is a lesson to be learned in everything.” Needless to say he was stunned. Looking back it doesn’t seem like the quintessential generic answer he was expecting, but it was true!

In actuality, I had found a way to successfully transfer pain, into knowledge. That’s what I was really trying to convey whether he caught it or not. Knowing what I know about the relationship between my past and my future has helped give me confidence, assurance, and hope. I know for sure that this peace is a gift from God.

The same can be for you too. I guarantee you, it will ultimately help you avoid a life of insignificance as long as you remind yourself that every happy ending starts with a trial that’s waiting to be conquered.

God bless, 

Gabriel Gibilisco 



7 thoughts on “Connecting the past to the future.

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I think the key, though is to not get stuck in the past. So many people get stuck and just can’t move on, you know? I’m a believer that things happen for a reason; that we’re meant to learn and grow from every experience that we have.


  2. I find it quite spectacular that you don’t ever feel like you’re wasting time regardless of what you’re doing as I struggle with the complete opposite all the time. As a student I feel like I’m wasting my time every moment I decide to do something other than school work even if it would be considered a necessity. As a result once things go wrong I always blame myself, resent ever taking those few hours to write or just relax. I’m yet to learn that it is okay to just sit back , relax and do what I feel like doing sometimes but I’m getting there and so I’m learning:-). Thank you for the inspirational post.


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