Who are you? You are amazing.

Have you ever stopped to think about who you are? A few hours ago I sat down in the car and put my head back before a long drive home and these words popped into my head, “Who am I?”

You can imagine my concern when after ten seconds passed and I still had not come up with a satisfying answer! But why? Or perhaps, why not? Mentally, I began to follow that strand. Why couldn’t I answer that question? But as I thought, I started to think maybe I wasn’t the only one in the world who could not answer this question.

Eyes closed, I thought about everything I do, and everything I want to do in my life. And that’s when it hit me…I was asking the wrong question. It didn’t matter how many “qualities” I could name, or “answers” I could give because I realized that none of it was really relevant to what really mattered. Who I am now, is not who I will always be.

I am growing, I am learning. Even now, the person I was before I started typing isn’t who I am now as I wrap this thought up! Crazy, isn’t it?

This headache of an episode left me thinking even more. What if we stopped asking “Who am I?” and started asking, “Who will I become?” I curiously wonder what kind of answers we could all come up with–I know I have mine.

Leave your thoughts for both questions below! But please, remember, that you are amazing.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


9 thoughts on “Who are you? You are amazing.

  1. it’s an interesting question, one that I’ve been pondering more recently since as a senior i’m expected to suddenly know who I am and what I want to do with my life. when you’re being interviewed for a job one of the first things they ask you is to tell them a little bit about yourself but what is the correct answer. how are we supposed to find the words to identify ourselves with when we are constantly changing. I’m sure a hell i’m not the same person i was freshman year, or even a month ago! i guess like is just a never ending adventure searching for yourself.


    • That’s the thing exactly, we are changing! But I find that the words I speak about MYSELF, give me the motivation to become those things. Keep going, and keep growing! You are amazing:)


  2. Great thoughts, Gabe. Sister Z just asked us this very question on Friday’s devotion. BTW. Grade A+ for strong, clear writing. 🙂


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