If your life was a song.

Imagine that your life was a song. An anthem echoing everything you believe, and everything you stand for. What would it sound like? What would the words be? And would it be worth listening to?

It might look something like this:

1. The intro would represent your early life. The start of your journey.

2. The verses, would symbolize the reasons behind who you are. Your true character.

3. The chorus would ring out your heart’s cry, and show what your life means to the people around you.

4. The bridge to explain why you are the way that you are and why you can or can’t change the hand you’ve been dealt.

5. And then, the ending. The final note that you leave the world with.

All these variables combined would make your song. The anthem of your life. What would it sound like? Would anyone want to hear it? Or more importantly, would you want to listen to it?

When you think about it, your life is a song. A brief moment to make a difference and to positively impact those who listen to you. Ask yourself this…

Are you worth listening to?

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


13 thoughts on “If your life was a song.

    • That’s right, every song is worth listening to. I’m glad that you are blessing me with being able to hear a little of your’s in your comments!:)


  1. Thank you for the inspiration and helping us to stop and think, what would my song be and would others see Jesus in me. God bless you always.


  2. Very inspirational and thought-provoking piece; I’d also like to think of life as a novel with peaks and valleys of plot development, character hamartia and coming of age… It’s funny how many metaphors there are for life.


  3. I think we all are making symphonies its just some people fail to realize or embrace their song without knowing we can always change the rhythm or sound all together…thanks for making me think


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