Life is a highway?

While I’m on the subject of asking myself questions, I came to a stop at a lyric of one of my favorite groups. There is a lyric that I’m sure most of you are fimiliar with from the band Rascal Flats that reads,

Life is a highway.

Pretty interesting idea. I love the song too! But as I thought about this concept, my mind formed a realistic idea of what life really feels like…

Is life really a highway? I know for me, it doesn’t always feel like a highway. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing 60 down the interstate…it feels like I can’t get the car to even start! To me, it feels like a series of unplanned detours, that all try to push you and I in the direction we started from. Or a dirt road trying to cause severe damage to the vehicle…not some organized, fast paced location to ride “all night long”.

I mean obviously, this wasn’t what the guys where intending it too mean or that they even thought about this when they were writing it because it’s a feel good song! And rightfully so, it’s still a great tune. 

But these series of potholes, and flat tires won’t ever be able to hold a candle to the final destination that we are all pushing towards. I mean, that is if you choose to press on.

A friend of mine, Jose Vargas, wrote a book a few years back called “The Detour” where he talks specifically on this thought provoking topic. If you get a chance, try to pick up a copy! But regardless of whether you are in a Ford Mustang, or a beat up Duster something has to be in the tank. Something has to fuel YOU.

Without it, it’s dangerous territory that is worse than any flat tire you could ever experience. Years of no use leaves a car unable to do what it is designed to do. The same goes for you and I.

On the highway of life, take your vehicle and fill her up. Detour? Take a different route. Flat tire? Change it and continue. Brakes fail? Fine, don’t stop. And if you come to the point where all you can do is just push it ALL by yourself, you better press on until that finish line is in your rear view mirror. 

Any professional driver will tell you this when they race, and the same applies for this “highway” we call life… It’s never about how you start, it’s about how you finish. 

 God bless, 

 Gabriel Gibilisco 



10 thoughts on “Life is a highway?

  1. Hello, Gabriel, You write things that give people something to think about. As far as I am concerned, we do need to keep asking and thinking.
    Is life a highway? Hmmmm, sometimes, we might get to drive on that long, straight, fast-paced road. Most of the time, however, we are on side roads, back alleys, footpaths…Then there are the times that we are whacking through the underbrush without a map, in uncharted territory. There is wisdom in this: At those times, we have to rely on God. I also gain strength and ability we wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Good post; thanks.


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