What are you anchored to?

Tonight I played bass guitar roughly almost two hours at a service, and a specific lyric that we sung was this,

My anchor holds within the veil.

The only thing predictable about life, is it’s unpredictability. In a world full of constant shifts and unstable territory it is crucial to have something to anchor to. With out a strong foundation, you will find that your entire character will be on the brink of collapsing every step of your life if there isn’t something that is “the constant.”

This idea I stole from Kathy McMillan, a twenty three year missionary to Columbia who shared this thought with me tonight. People in general spend their entire life looking for a purpose, cause, or reason to dedicate who they are to something bigger then they are. It can be a noble expression of service. But what does it mean when a storm comes rolling in and the anchor you thought was strong enough gives out?

People put all their attention towards music, celebrities, money, et cetera when all of it has no actual stability. I have tried a few of those options listed myself and they all have let me down during the harsh conditions of daily life. One thing is certain, however, I can assure you that the only one who can withstand any storm and still be in control is Jesus Christ. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me by email or social media I’d LOVE to chat about it!

And Thank you for your support this first week of “The Writer’s Blog”!

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


2 thoughts on “What are you anchored to?

  1. Your chosen topic here aligns closely with the concept of extreme self-care, a subject about which I often speak and blog. I even used being grounded as with a bed of swaying algae in the ocean floor as a metaphor similar to your anchoring. Another good post!


  2. Matthew 16:13-20. I have been specifically focused upon 20. I feel, at least for me, I must be careful what I declare for there have been many hurt in the name of Christ. I have felt God guide me to be a living reflection of the invisible God instead of declaring out loud who God is so that I don’t loose one the father has sent to me, who may have been hurt in the name of Christianity.


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