Taking the next step.

A lot of people in my life recently having been voicing the weight of the next step in their life. In one area, the sun is setting, while in another the sun is rising. With the anticipation of a new start, natural thoughts and questions begin to occur!

As I type this now, I am on a plane to see a very close friend of mine who is still settling into the new step he has just taken. One of the beautiful sides of my purposeful journey to surprise him lies in the support he was for me in the beginning steps of my life.

Knowing that support is behind you only builds your own confidence in what you are about to do! I know for me, I don’t always realize the support from others in anything but I know that if it wasn’t there, I’d feel it in a heartbeat!

You must constantly remind yourself, everything that’s worth doing always is a little scary, it’s something that is new. Whether it’s a new job, a new school, or whatever, let your nerves push you to be the best you can be. In doing so, you will mentally prepare yourself for what is next in your life!

I leave you with this, don’t let fear make you miss out on what is about to take place in you. You have an amazing destiny to reach–and it starts with taking the next step.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


3 thoughts on “Taking the next step.

  1. I think the best thing about new (job, school…) is the sense of peace after you have made the change. Realize that you have taken the next step in your life. Realize that all the “scary” stuff about the change belong to the past.
    Realize that you are a different person!


  2. Thanks for writing this! I love the thought of the sun raising when a new step and adventure is beginning. I think it’s so important to remind yourself not to let fear win or you’ll miss so many amazing opportunities.


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