Look for good in everything.

This week, millions of kids across the nation will all be returning to a place designed to open the minds of new students and old students alike. A continuation of their previous educational endeavors, and an extension of the tools necessary to complete their own personal goals. Within this hopeful experience lies crossroads buried underneath months of papers, exams, and difficult teachers.

Something I find interesting is how on many occasions we expect to walk into a place we don’t want to be and we bring our negativity with us expecting our mindset and the place we don’t want to be to somehow end up being something positive in the long run. I know for me, two negatives rarely make a positive. (Unless it’s math but math is weird.)

From an early age, my parents instilled this thought into me:

“There is good in everything.”

Take the place you don’t want to be, the people you don’t want to be around, or the circumstance you hate and FIND THE GOOD INSIDE OF IT. It’s there. Believe me. Imagine the new things you will begin to see because of it. After all, I’m sure we can all think of people in our lives that knew about the bad, but chose to see the good in us. 

God bless, 

Gabe Gibilisco



6 thoughts on “Look for good in everything.

  1. Students. Encourage positive and eliminate negative emotions. Admire the life around you and you will find his positive intelligence, characteristics and actions. Act like it. Think sunny and from your heart. Take advantage of the silence of the future for positive, large and creative thoughts and finding your energy, strength and peace. Merge the best (love, friendship, warmth, care for others, serving their interests) for the division and multiplication of love for life Life is your most precious possession. Love for life is the source of your life and the richness of your existence.


  2. I’ve recently tried getting into this mindset. I was in a point in my life when everything was crumbling, partially because I couldn’t control it, but I also could control some of it. But my mindset was always negative, therefore I was negative. It is amazing how just by trying to find the good in something can change your thought process, your mood and outlook on life. Even if you look at one positive thing that happened each day.


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