The answers are in the gray.

My nephew Cameron and I recently talked about how life is filled with absolute dichotomies of “black” and “white”. Black representing the bad things we encounter, and white being the joys that we find.

Our conversation began to take root as I introduced the idea of the gray. His response was, “People don’t like the gray, Gabe”. I began to think and then it hit me:

Sometimes we are so busy looking at the BLACK and WHITE that we forget about the GRAY!

We see the good and the bad, and immediately take it for what it is. But do we question why it’s there? Or what our purpose is in it? Not always…why? Because people don’t like the gray!

As I writer, I love to think three dimensionally. I enjoy “the background”. Knowing how or why things work the way they do. I look for the gray!

I urge you to look at the black and white today, and ask yourself “What can I learn from this?” Once you’ve answered that, look at the gray and now ask “How am I changing for the better because of it?” Think about that. Look inside yourself, and once you’ve done that all the “gray” suddenly starts to look a little bit more like white.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco


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