Talent vs. Hardwork

“Hard work beats out talent, when talent fails to work hard.”

I love seeing when people my age find the gifts they have and begin to strengthen it. Something about the extra step of dedication and discipline makes being a part of their dreams a pure pleasure. At least for me!

At the moment, having younger family members discover their talents is something I enjoy doing; however, pushing them to improve their gifts is even more exciting for me.

Look at yourself. What do you love to do? Do you want to continue to do it?

If your answers are yes, then now would be a great moment to begin to grow in it. Find a teacher, mentor, or even stranger willing to help you and learn something new about your skill, and something new about yourself.

Believe me, I have in no way mastered this idea. But, I am learning to. Keep your eyes on point to improve your talents. Never stop trying to be the best you can. You will look back and be glad you worked hard and made your talents the best they could be.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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