A book by its cover.

The first impression you receive is what is shown on the exterior of anything. This can be for music, books, movies, and even–wait for it…people.

People rarely attempt to show how they truly feel or who they really are through how they look. But whether it’s on purpose or not, it can show through almost anything. So when I portray my cover, I pursue a image that reflects what I want to be for others. A leader, a friend, and a composer.

A once heard this quote:

“To be professional in anything, you have to look professional in everything.

The same mentality applies for any area of your life! It’s important to show who you want to be, and how it can bless others. After all, the cover of the book is what draws people to it, right?

So whether you are an encyclopedia of knowledge, or a humble chapter filled with common truth, understand that both had to go through tireless editing to be what they are to those they encourage.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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9 thoughts on “A book by its cover.

  1. Great article. All too often, we meet those who openly express the mentality, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.”

    This is foolish, and also completely contradictory to what makes a progressive society. We can’t simply not care about the impression we leave others with. After all, the building blocks of society (no matter the form of government) are cooperation and investment. Most importantly for this discussion, we invest our time in other people. I’m not going to invest my time in someone who leaves me with a bad impression, which is exactly what your article is about.

    Unfortunately, I think that our society has propagated that immature mentality. It is becoming a very counterproductive and abundant defense mechanism. I’m glad to see an article that addresses this. While we should certainly embrace our individuality, we should also keep social cooperation in mind.


    • Exactly. I find that this kind of thinking dictates (LITERALLY) most of my generation. I don’t know how teenagers my age feel that this over-relaxed style of living brings forth any positive results.

      I thank you, sir. For your openness to read my article, let alone your respond. I look forward to your posts, and your book.

      Please, don’t be a stranger. For iron sharpens iron and I hope to complete a book one day. Thank you again!

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      • Yes, it’s unfortunate, but you’re right. It is a generation of entitlement (or, the “Generation of Gentry”, as I like to call it). Everyone feels like they deserve the very best, and when their expectations are not met, it is always someone else’s fault.

        Keep on keepin’ on. Never get discouraged in your pursuits. If you’re interested in reading some of my work before “World of the Damned” comes out at the end of the month, check out my book, “The Fall”. There’s a link to both the eBook and paperback on my page. I look forward to reading more of your articles!


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