Planning ahead.

An absolute NECESSARY topic to apply as soon as it’s understood. Start by asking this question:

What are you doing NOW, to prepare yourself for your future?

I was pleased by a chance to sit in on a few brilliant minds bounce their ideas off of each other during this topic’s discussion. Their concept revolved around pre-planning steps in your near future leading all the way to your distant future. Each step building on the last to achieve a goal, dream, or destiny.

I took this as an opportunity to better myself, and my world and did exactly that…set distant goals starting with today. Basically it looked something like this:

Started with a goal for today.

Next a goal for tomorrow.

Then a goal for a year from now.

Followed by a five year goal.

Then a goal for ten years.

With all those set in mind, the goal for today builds the opportunity for the goal for tomorrow. Likewise, the goal for tomorrow builds the opportunity towards the goal for next year. And so on… See how that works?

It’s all pre-planned, and you always feel like you are betting yourself to achieve something you’ve always wanted! Try it out, see what this method of “Planning Ahead” can do for you!

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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