Your dream vs. Your purpose

If you could separate these two pivotal components that make up who you are, you will find that they not only stand strong own their own, but also stand strong together.

What is “your dream”? This distant place, goal, or desire that you set for yourself? It all revolves around the focus to be whatever you wish to be. To strive to be remembered for a specific reason in the talents or task you perhaps enjoy doing.

Now what is your purpose? For me, this question isn’t always easy to answer. Aside from your goals, your purpose is what your “life’s job” is here, on earth. It’s a representation of your life in a matter of moments. I wonder this constantly, what will that look like for me?

Both of these words hold so much potential in their own respect due to the integrity they possess but what happens when your dream starts working FOR your purpose?

President Lincoln is a prime example. This man failed countless times in his lifetime, but continued to dream bigger. He drove himself up the ladders of government (his dream) and used it to impact literally millions in his lifetime and is still touching lives to this day (his purpose).

So what if your personal goal, could help others reach their goal? What if your dreams could lead you to your purpose in life? Finally, what if you could change people’s lives for the better because of YOUR dream?

To me, nothing sounds more like “purpose” than that.

God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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3 thoughts on “Your dream vs. Your purpose

  1. This is a heavy blog post when you really like yourself soak in everything. It really does make me wonder. What are my dreams and what is my purpose? My dream has always been to be an author and I’ve always wanted to help others. But I never quite knew what my purpose was. However, I found a job the other day that I applied to, that would create my purpose in life. It would be incorporating my dreams. But helping others would be my purpose and writing would be my dream. And if they worked together, it would be amazing how powerful that message could be.

    However, now I need to get out of the mind frame that this job needs to define my purpose and that even if I don’t get this job, that I still feel like my purpose in life is to help others find their way and that I can do that solely by trying on my own.


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