“…At the expense of my dreams.”

This quote below literally stunned me temporarily upon hearing it…

“I did all that the world expected of me…at the expense of my dreams.”

I sat there, silent. Blown away at the harsh reality behind this statement. I thought, “God please don’t let me ever have to say that”.

This person did EVERYTHING that was “expected” of him. Perhaps got married, had a few kids, and went to school. But for what?

We know that everything we do has a consequence. In this case, this person sacrificed their dreams to do what was expected. Why? Is it fear? Or is it the way life is? Regardless, I know personally I don’t want to be the person who fit into this category. Do you?

I don’t know who spoke this anonymous quote but whoever did, thank you. I will never be the same.

You tell me, I want to hear your thoughts. Why did this person say this?

As always God bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco

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Graphic by: Matthew Boudwin


7 thoughts on ““…At the expense of my dreams.”

  1. For me is the same. I’m doing what I need to achieve my dreams, or at least try to. I’m studying at the university not because my parents expected this but because i want do this.
    My parents want me to find a job near my town after the university, but I don’t want this. I want to live and work abroad. They have understood this so they respect my wishes.

    I think that give up your dreams, especially when you’re young, is sad: we live only once, so you have to do what you really want and not what others expect you to do!


  2. It’s as though we have to fight an invisible force in order to birth our dreams. So much pressure exists to fit in and stay small and do what is expected. Sometimes I think going after your dreams makes those around you uncomfortable (because they wish they were honoring their dreams) and their energy sort of pushes back on you. The phrase “How dare you” comes to mind!

    Thanks for this very thought provoking post. 🙂



  3. Could it be because we get so caught up in the illusion of life, that everyone else’s dreams momentarily becomes our own? Maybe we don’t learn to dream our own dreams until it’s just a little too late? Dreams are expectations after all, aren’t they?


  4. I think it is difficult especially for writers because it is so easy for people to crush our dreams. It is so easy for everyone to belittle what we want our careers to be. When I first started out in college, I went for journalism. It was still writing, but something “easier” to get a job in. Something my family could respect and understand. It took me 4 years of changing majors to realize I should have just done creative writing to begin with.

    But it is the same thing with everyone. Society tells us we need to get a job, pay rent, start a family and be happy. But it isn’t that easy. Especially if you have dream that doesn’t fit into society. But we all need to remember that our dreams are worth fighting for and we can make it there if we believe.


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