Being your own happiness.

What if we didn’t need happiness that we receive from gifts, materialism, or even others? What if, all we needed to be happy was exactly what we had?

I am only 19 but the older I get, the more I see how unimportant non-essentials are in my daily life. This understanding lets me really filter out what is important to me–and what is not. It all stems from this concept of being truly happy. But not based on what I have or even who I have, but based on who I am.

Careers, friends and family can do ALOT to aid in our quest for happiness but like tides–they change over time. That is why finding true happiness must rest in knowing who you are. That deep down feeling of identity that supersedes any lack of self esteem.

In no way, do I feel like I have “mastered being happy” but I think experience has taught us all a little bit about what it means. I know for me, I have to remember what it’s like to look through the eyes of a child. When everything was simpler, and it meant happiness was around every corner or wherever I could shift my eyes.

This week, look through the cosmetics and find what makes you happy! Soon you will stop worrying about the rain overtaking the sun and start seeing the rainbows to come.

Thank you so much @meganmelliott for this article’s suggestion! 

If there’s a topic that YOU reading this wherever you are would like me to share thoughts on, please, comment below! 

 God Bless, 

 Gabe Gibilisco 


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2 thoughts on “Being your own happiness.

  1. Well said! Its something everyone struggles with when we get older. Doesn’t matter if your 15, 19, 30 or older. At one point in our life we will struggle to figure out what happiness means, but sometimes in the midst of searching we are missing what could be happiness in front of us. We all worry far too often and its difficult to take in the present when wondering of the future and trying to take in how the past has shaped us.


    • Exactly. I wish more thought like you! That is something I am trying to get better at now, finding happiness in small ways that all add up to something I call joy. Thank you for your thoughts!

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