Setting Goals for 2015

As the year comes to a close, this is the perfect time to reflect, be thankful, and prepare for the year to come.

Reflection is great. It opens the door to remind yourself of all that you have accomplished this year, and to look at the difference you have made to your surroundings in only 365 days. Crazy, right? This is a good place to pull inspiration from if you ask me. Look at what you did, and see where you can do even better.

Being thankful is so internally refreshing. Now, you aren’t just looking at all the blessings that were given, but you are appreciating them too. This is where the growth happens. Letting yourself be introspective in this way is only a character building practice that I promise you will be thankful for! See what I did there?

Lastly, as the clock starts winding down, begin planning for this year. What a way to start off 2015 then with goals that are waiting to be achieved. If setting goals isn’t quite your thing, then try this…pick a word (or even a short phrase) that YOU want to represent YOUR year. For example, I picked the word Dedication. I want to fully be dedicated in 2015 in every area of my life: Writing, Music, Acting, my Faith, my Relationships, EVERYTHING. In this upcoming year I will strive to be a dedicated person that will impact the world.

I urge you to set a similar goal for 2015. It’s not about setting goals or even about whether or not you complete them, it’s about trying to be better then you are now. With all that being said…


And God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco



2 thoughts on “Setting Goals for 2015

    • There’s a difference between having an ego and trying to do something. My hope is to trying to inspire people, it’s not something I’m claiming to have mastered. Have a good day! @overkill_msa


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