A crash course in being unique and working together.

Whether you realize it or not, you are 100% your own person. No one on planet earth is like you. You have strengths, weaknesses and all kinds of characteristics that make you, you! 

You are undeniably unique and are capable of beautiful things. Kind of like a snowflake! On your own, you are a completely special work of art that cannot be replicated. Handcrafted and equipped with qualities designed to set you apart from the rest. The coolest part of all of this, is when millions of unique things come together to make something even better. 

Take a snow storm for example. They aren’t possible without everyone’s participation. Each unique snowflake has a role to fill and without full cooperation from all of them, it would never work. Christmas would be lackluster, trees would never glisten, and school would never be closed. Could you imagine? It’d be horrible.

Joking aside, there is nothing like when someone knows that they are special on their own–but decides to work with someone to create something bigger than themself. I guess it’s more of a lesson in humility rather than teamwork! Be the unique you that YOU are, and always be a team player and I guarantee you people will notice.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco 

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