Love is ____.

I absolutely love (pun so intended) how something like “love” is so unexplainable and is often interpreted as something do-able, rather than a constant state of being. Within the last week, I have been increasingly challenged to love as much as I possibly can to whoever I come in contact with. But at the beginning of last week, when the whole process began, I had to establish what “love” or “loving” meant.

With this in mind I entrusted this enormous moral responsibility to none other than google (who proved the theory I had to be even more curious). The definition that came up talked a lot about “affectionate love” and “romanticism” to the Nth degree. For me, it wasn’t very satisfying and did not even mention any sense of compassion or selfless service for others. It wasn’t until I stumbled across a song on YouTube (Google ran also so shout out to them again) that gave me an incredibly simple answer within a lyric that lasted only three words. 

See, I was anticipating a full biography filled with diagrams and charts on what love is, or what love means. You can imagine my confusion when three words summed up the best that I could figure for a rhetorical question of this magnitude. What is love?

“Love is sacrifice.”

-For King & Country
 (The Proof of Your Love.)

That was it for me. Love is sacrifice. And from there it all fell into place…to sacrifice ones time, energy, or desires. To put someone else’s well being, or happiness, over yours. I decided that this idea is worth standing behind, to fully be someone who shows this kind of love. Whether it’s hard, inconvenient, or undeserved everyone is worth loving on. I want to encourage you to show this kind of love this week and see what happens! It’s a great thing when love happens because of selflessness. In all of this week:

Remember, don’t just do love…be love.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco

@gabegibilisco @thewritersblogg


3 thoughts on “Love is ____.

    • @luckyduckee You are so welcome! I know that feeling, it can be scary. BUT it’s important to remain active in trying to change the world no matter how much darkness there is. Thank you for the love!

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