Leave your mark.

Isn’t it funny how BILLIONS of people who all have extremely similar physical qualities, have a different finger print? What? Why a finger?! Let’s look at a finger for a second:

It’s not really that unique, but it is that special. I mean there are 9 other fingers so how unique is it if there are others just like it? All similar but vastly different.

Fingers are a lot like people.

I’m sure we can all attest to a time or two where we wondered if we are special, different, or meant to do something great that lets us “stand out” from all the other “fingers” in the world. I know for me I am almost always thinking about how to do something great with life that will leave my “fingerprint”.

But since we are talking about fingers, what makes a finger different? Obviously it’s finger print–but what has it done that makes it STAND OUT from a crowd? 


You see what makes a finger, and people in general special, is what has been built into them. A finger’s print and it’s one-of-a-kind nature was instilled inside of it from day one. It didn’t have to achieve something great to be the only one in history who would have THAT particular fingerprint. All a finger has to do to leave its mark, is do what it’s designed to do…because it was already made ‘one-of-a-kind’.

With all that being said, what were YOU designed to do? Leave your mark below.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco

@gabegibilisco @thewritersblogg


2 thoughts on “Leave your mark.

  1. Hello! First of all i want to say that you’re an amazing writer …and this is another beautiful post 🙂 …you’re very inspiring …thanks!.
    When i was younger i always had the idea of being “famous” because i love to sing and i thought that was the only way to inspire people and leave a mark in the world, but as years went by i realize that was not the only thing that i can do to do something great . I realize that the little actions that you make through your live really matters…for example spreading happiness and thoughts to others and loving people even if they don’t love me back. Encouraging others and supporting them in their dreams and goals even if you’re not going to receive anything in exchange …i think that by just helping people and inspiring at least one person makes you feel like you leave your fingerprint in the world .
    Also doing what i love and exploring the world is something that i really want to do …i really want to travel and learn about different cultures and places and meet different people and just love my world and do things that really makes me happy …
    And one of the most important things in life for me is being kind to others because we are all humans …i really like a Mark Twain quote that says: “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”…
    And i think that it’s not necessary to be recognized all over the world to make an impact on people… I were designed to take care of my world and to be kind to others and do what i love to do … ☺️

    Thanks for this post Gabe and keep up the amazing job ! God Bless you too ❤️😊

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  2. Hi there Mr.Writer !!
    I keep reflecting on myself while I am reading this article, in my 22yrs. of existence all I do is to be myself but why do people keeps on comparing me with somebody else? My name, the way I act and even my look !! I am not a second rate of anybody !
    Then realization hit me. I think that decision of mine way back in high school makes a great impact in every kids heart. I’m a student cathecist who spread the word of God. A warm feeling that you received when a kid said their greetings to you as way of appreciation . Those kids who beg for you not to leave because they are learning something from you. I guess once in my life I left a fingerprint on their hearts.

    And also just wanted to share this line from a tagalog song,
    “Tatanda at lilipas din ako ,(I will age and will pass away also)
    Ngunit mayrong awiting iiwanan sa inyong alaala, (but there is a song that I will leave on your memory)
    Dahil minsan tayo’y nagkasama” (because one time we got together)
    -Handog(Gift) by Kuh Ledesma

    Be Inspired and Be an Inspiration to others. Godbless Gabe!!


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