I don’t think I can recall a time in my life that this word has become more revelant.


the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

I have found that the older you get, the more complicated life can be. And as a result of complexity, there is change, and from change comes transition.

I think most people when they are young, dream of “growing up” and becoming something that they love–but I am not sure that all think about the major TRANSITIONS that come with getting older. Why would you? Life is perfect when you are young! Now understand, I’m not just speaking about kids becoming adults, I’m talking about ANY stage of life that suddenly requires change.

Transitions can be hurtful or healing and sometimes…both at the same time. But the beauty of “transition” is the possibility that follows the change.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you are facing: try to see your transitions as new possibility.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco


@GabeGibilisco @thewritersblogg


3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I love reading and I’m happy I get to see this blog !!

    As the saying goes, “The only permanent in this world is changes”

    I haven’t accepted yet all the transitions that was made on my life . maybe one day I’ll get there . We only need time , time to get healed ,time to accept and time to recover !!

    -Be Inspired and Be an Inspiration to others. Godbless!!


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