Being friendly.

Yesterday I was able to meet a younger gentleman named Phillip. I had spotted him out of my peripheral vision as I sat during a baby dedication ceremony and noticed that in a room FULL of aquintances and friends–I didn’t recognize this particular man. I told myself after the service I would go over and introduce myself…so, I did.

Walking over I dawned the friendliest face I could in spite being slightly apprehensive and said “Hello”. It turns out that he is from SoCal! (That means Southern California for those not familiar with the “fancy” west coast lingo.) We chatted briefly and he told me how he is in the military, played soccer for 9 years, and is over here on the east coast now.

A few moments of what I’ve considered calling “random kindness” from both parties has given me a priceless gift–a new friend. 

See, Phillip and I don’t know a single fact about each other outside of our names and the simple small talk we dabbled in. But that isn’t the point. What’s important is that a NEW personality, heart, and soul has now been brought into my life. And, from what I could gather, a good one at that!

I can’t say I know what kind of impact I had on him yesterday, but I know that if I had 1/10 the impact he had on me and the new perspective I’ve gained on being a friend, then I’d be satisfied. 

One of the most rewarding and under utilized blessings of life is meeting new people.

I challenge you this week, go out of your way to meet someone new. You’d be surprised how quickly small talk can turn into something bigger.

God Bless,

Gabe Gibilisco


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