Finding what inspires you.

What inspires you? Or better yet, who do you draw inspiration from?

This past week, I had the privilege to meet one of my top musical inspirations, “for King & Country”. Some of you may remember my article from awhile back entitled “Love is ____.” where I used a lyric from one of there songs as an example! (And if you don’t, the link below will take you to “Love is ____.”)


Myself with Joel Smallbone of, “for King & Country”.

Getting the opportunity to meet somebody that truly inspires me, has seriously (wait for it) inspired me. It has opened up my mind to a whole new perspective about the subject itself. But above all, it has got me thinking…

How often are we inspired by the things around us and not even realize it?

I have been trying my very hardest recently to notice the things that make me want to be better whether it’s people, situations, or pure happenstance itself. Furthermore, I have made it a point to tell those who inspire me, the impact they have had. And that’s exactly what I told to Joel. (His response was extremely encouraging but I’ll save that for another post.)

I have found in my own personal life, when somebody blesses me by saying that I have “inspired” them, it actually inspires me! It pushes me to do more and to be more.

Let’s start this trend of being honest with those who have inspired you and watch this cycle continue to enrich our communities with the potential to be better. 


Once you have done this, leave a comment below or on our social media telling what difference it has made!

God Bless,

Gabriel Gibilisco




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