TWB has been seen in over 50 countries!

But what are people from all over the globe saying about “The Writer’s Blog”?


“Always writes a great article…I highly recommend because no matter where you are in life, [it can] apply to you. Takes a minute to read but it can impact you in a way that lasts for a life time.”


“Very nice! Makes me smile and believe there is still good people in the world! Thank you!”


“Great blog! Keep[s] making us question ourselves – good stuff!”


“Wiser beyond his years”.


“First of all I want to say that [he’s] an amazing writer…very inspiring! I [have] realize that the little actions that you make through your live really matters…for example spreading happiness and thoughts to others and loving people even if they don’t love me back. Encouraging others and supporting them in their dreams and goals even if you’re not going to receive anything in exchange…keep up the amazing job! I love [this] blog!”


“Just read [this] blog. I love it. I’ve really been stressing out [recently] and I needed [it]. Thanks!”


“Has a way of understanding both sides of anyone’s story [or topic]. That is what makes it so easy for anyone to relate to.”


“This guy writes many great blog posts…take a few minutes and read!”


“So very wise!”


“Absolutely relevant to what’s been happening in my life. Thanks for sharing!”



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